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  • As this is a personal blog, all opinions here are exclusively my own. This means that they are not the opinions of any employer or any organisation that I associate with.
  • My content does not constitute professional advice in any sense at any time including, but not limited to, medical, financial or legal advice so please do not rely on them for this. If you do so, this is entirely at your own risk.
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  • Products and services that are featured on this blog are carefully chosen as I believe they are relevant to the target demographic of readers.
  • All reviews are based on my own personal opinions and experience.
  • I am not paid to mention products, services or brands on my blog. This includes not accepting free products or services in exchange for reviews. This may be reviewed in the future.
  • I am not part of any affiliate programmes nor do I use affiliate links within my content.
  • If I choose to share gifted or sponsored content in the future, this will always comply with ASA guidelines.
  • Product or service recommendations and their accompanying links are provided exclusively when these come highly recommended and have been tried and tested by myself. I’m here to share reliable and honest experience-based reviews not to sell to you and so I will never push a product just for the sake of it.
  • If you purchase a product or service as a result of a link, advertisement or blog post on this blog, any issues must be resolved directly with that company. I do not take any responsibility if your experience is not the same as my own.



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