Want to know if you'll love Thrice Upon a Dream?

Do you...
  • Regularly use quotes from sitcoms in everyday life?
  • Return from a Disney holiday to immediately book another and often suffer from the "Disney blues"?
  • Buy enough stationery to cover an entire office's needs - all for your own personal use?
  • Find yourself finishing sentences with Disney lyrics?
  • Think Mindy Kaling is a goddess?
  • Sometimes wish that it was socially acceptable to wear pyjamas out of the house?
  • Believe that gifs and emoji are a great way to communicate?
  • Still love the Jonas Brothers as much as you did ten years ago?
  • Look forward to your toddler's nap or bedtime because you really need a break?
If you agree with any or all of the above then this is absolutely the right place for you! Welcome!

Established at the start of 2019, this little blog was initially destined to be a Disney blog. Since then it has grown into a lifestyle blog that also focuses on my family's life and grand adventures. 

Even though Thrice Upon a Dream is still in its infancy, I have written blogs for various niches on and off for the last decade. Each of these experiences has helped shaped the type of blogger I am today.

Deciding on a name was a huge challenge for me. I knew that I wanted it to be both Disney related and a true representation of myself. When I came up with Thrice Upon a Dream, I knew instantly that it was a match made in heaven.

Hi, my name is Hayley and I'm the one working behind the scenes at Thrice Upon a Dream to bring you light-hearted and hopefully entertaining content to help get you through the week.

Hayley from Thrice Upon a Dream

Do you remember all those statements I asked you to read at the start of this page? Yep, those statements are all 100% me.

Aside from spending time with my loved ones, my favourite things are binge-watching TV in my pyjamas while eating donuts or planning out my next three or four Disney holidays.

Despite being a native Londoner, I currently reside in beautiful Bournemouth, England with my wonderful little family; my fiance Matt, our son Mini and our four guinea pigs

Remember how I said that Thrice Upon a Dream was the perfect name for my blog? The reason is that there's three times the magic in our home as a family of three!

Hayley, Matt and Mini from Thrice Upon a Dream

My relationship with Matt is a classic example of how online dating sites can lead you to your happily ever after. We met on Plenty of Fish in November 2015 and the rest is history! We're saying "I do" later this year so keep an eye out for some wedding planning posts!

You know how some people make it look so easy to start a family? Our story was not like that. After a rocky start, we welcomed our rainbow baby Mini into our family at the end of 2017 after many 11:11 and eyelash wishes. He has grown into a sweet little boy with a mischievous side to match his wild red hair.

Mini from Thrice Upon a Dream on swings

Over the almost thirty years of my life, I have worn many hats. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Fan. Graduate. Out of all of these, being a mum is definitely my favourite. It's hard to explain the love you feel but it's honestly the most powerful feeling I have ever experienced.

Hayley and Mini on beach

What can you expect from Thrice Upon a Dream? 

It's simple really. I aim to bring you 3-4 brand new posts each and every week with one of these being our family's weekly blog post.

New content is generally released on weekday afternoons leaving my weekends free for quality family time. Say hello to my work-life balance!

If you've enjoyed what you've read so far and want to stay updated on the latest content, there are a few options available to you.

I believe that RSS feeds are beyond outdated at this point and honestly, who likes email newsletters cluttering their inboxes? Not me, that's for sure

Instead I recommend giving my Twitter and/or Instagram accounts a quick follow. You'll find regular musings, rants and of course, the freshest content - whenever and wherever you want!

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