Want to know if you'll love Thrice Upon a Dream?

Do you...
  • Regularly use quotes from sitcoms in everyday life?
  • Return from a Disney holiday to immediately book another and often suffer from the "Disney blues"?
  • Find yourself randomly singing Disney songs?
  • Sometimes wish that it was socially acceptable to wear pyjamas out of the house?
  • Rely heavily on coffee, chocolate and/or cake to survive modern parenthood?
  • Struggle with a chronic illness?
If you agree with any or all of the above then this is absolutely the right place for you! Welcome!

The Blog

Established at the start of 2019, Thrice Upon a Dream was initially destined to be a Disney blog but has since grown into a family and lifestyle blog that also covers family travel, Disney and chronic illness.

Here you'll be able to read all about my family's life and grand adventures as well as a treasure trove of other bits like helpful guides, hauls, reviews and much much more!

You can expect to find at least two new posts each week and these are generally posted on weekday afternoons.

Even though Thrice Upon a Dream is still in its infancy, I have written blogs for various niches on and off for the last decade. Each of these experiences has helped shaped the type of blogger I am today.

The Blogger

First of all, hi my name is Hayley and thank you so much for checking out my blog!

Aside from spending time with my loved ones, my favourite thing to do is planning out my family's next few Disney holidays. I guess you could say I'm obsessed but ultimately it was that passion that inspired me to start this blog while planning our Disneyland Paris trip.

You'll currently find me enjoying the coastal life in Bournemouth, England with my wonderful little family; my soon-to-be husband Matt, our son Mini and our four guinea pigs. But don't let my location fool you - I've been a Londoner all my life!

My relationship with Matt is a classic example of how online dating sites can lead you to your happily ever after. We met on Plenty of Fish in November 2015, spent our first date eating pizza and taking in all of London's breathtaking Christmas light displays and the rest is history! In only a few weeks time, we'll be saying our vows and embarking on the next exciting chapter of our lives. (So keep an eye out for some wedding posts!)

While our relationship fell into place rather quickly, it wasn't so easy for us to start a family. After a rocky start involving two miscarriages, we finally welcomed our rainbow baby into the world at the end of 2017. Our little Mini is now almost two years old and has grown into the sweetest little boy with a mischievous side to match his wild red hair.

I have to admit that out of all of the things I have been known as over the (almost) thirty years of my life, being a mum is definitely my favourite. It's so hard to explain the love you feel but it's the most powerful feeling I've ever experienced.

Although everything looks happy on the surface, I do have a confession to make: I have a chronic illness. Actually, I have several but here you'll find that I mainly talk about my struggle with endometriosis, anxiety and migraines.

So this is me, blogging about my real-life fairytale as we take on the world as a family of three and kick chronic illness' butt in the process.

Contact Me

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