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Disneyland Paris Photo Diary: Part 1

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, lovely! I've been struggling to find the right way to tell you all about our amazing honeymoon to Disneyland Paris last month so I've decided to show you instead. Over the next week or so, I'll be sharing some of our favourite photos and briefly talking about what we got up to!

Disneyland Paris Photo Diary

Note: Thrice Upon a Dream has now moved to Wonder and Grey!

Sunday 24th November 2019

Our honeymoon started with a pre-travel day to break up the journey a bit as Bournemouth to London and then straight onto Paris would have been a bit too much for me and Mini to handle in one go. So we'd booked to stay in the Premier Inn King's Cross hotel which is just across the road from St Pancras train station.

Our journey began around 11am so off we went with a bag full of snacks to make the three hour train journey somewhat bearable...

As we've done a few long train journeys with Mini, he's generally a pretty good traveller. He spent most of the journey chatting away to us before he fell asleep and by the time he'd woken up we were already in the city. Here he is after his nap, looking a little bit fed up but luckily we were only 10 minutes away from Waterloo at this point.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

After checking into our hotel and dropping our luggage off, we headed back out to visit the British Library. While we were there we noticed that there was a free exhibit on called Marvellous and Mischievous: Literature's Young Rebels so we collected our tickets from the desk and headed downstairs to check it out. Mini especially enjoyed the sensory elements and being able to read some books at the end. It was a great little exhibit, perfect for young readers!

Disneyland Paris photo diary

The final part of our day can be summed up in three words: burgers, baths and bed. En route back to the hotel, we stopped into St Pancras to print out our Eurostar tickets ready for the next morning and then we decided to have Burger King for dinner. Everyone had baths and then got ready for bed and after Mini fell asleep, Matt and I played along with Celebrity Catchphrase before we went to sleep ourselves.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

Monday 25th November

Our travel day had finally arrived! I barely got any sleep the night before as I was super anxious that we'd oversleep and miss the Eurostar but luckily that didn't happen. We were up and out at 7am to hunt down some breakfast - Mini had an all-butter croissant, I had a ham and cheese croissant and Matt was too stressed to eat. We arrived at St Pancras a teeny bit prematurely and then had to wait around for the good part of an hour before we could check-in for our train to Disneyland Paris but the time went quick and before we knew it, we were in France!

Disneyland Paris photo diary

Upon our arrival into Disneyland Paris, we attempted to take a nice family photo but as you can see, it didn't exactly go as planned. Oh well! 

We'd booked the express luggage service which meant that we received our park tickets and luggage tags on-board the train so all we needed to do was attach the tags and drop off our suitcase at the desk and we could go straight into the park. It was fantastic but it was a shame that there's only one lift as it meant we had to wait for half an hour just to get off the platform with a pushchair and a massive suitcase. It was such a long wait that Mini did one of two things that a toddler would do under the circumstances and fell asleep. We let him catch some zzz's as we handed over our luggage and walked into the Walt Disney Studios park.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

As soon as we woke Mini up, we took him into the baby care centre to change his nappy. He was so excited to be in there, surrounded with the red and yellow Mickey highchairs that he actually cried when we left. But his sadness was short-lived as I walked him across to the Goofy meet and greet where his eyes lit up as the magic came to life!

Disneyland Paris photo diary

I hadn't been into the Studios for at least a decade so I was so excited to check out the new Toy Story Playland but since there was only a five minute wait for Magic Carpets Over Agrabah, I put my fear of heights aside and we boarded our very own magic carpet. I was in control of the height element which was very helpful - we weren't flying particularly high but we still had fun!

Our next stop was to Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin which really is faster than it looks. I loved it and would've ridden it again but the boys didn't look overly impressed. So we stopped around the area to take some themed photos like the one above with the domino wall and the one below with the Luxo ball.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

We spent an hour in the park before we made our way over to Hotel Cheyenne stopping briefly at World of Disney for a spot of shopping en route. I'm going to talk more about our experience staying at Hotel Cheyenne in the near future but for now, let me just say that we all loved it. I loved that feeling that we were transported to a different place and time and that everything was so relaxed and well themed. We're very much in agreement that we'd stay there again in the future.

Disneyland Paris Photo Diary

If you've enjoyed our holiday snaps so far, make sure you check back on Friday for part 2 of our Disneyland Paris photo diary! We hope you have the most magical Christmas and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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