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Disneyland Paris Photo Diary: Part 3

Hey lovely! I can barely believe that Christmas is already over (*cries*) and that we're just hours away from starting a brand new year and decade! In a similar note of closure, today I'm going to be sharing the third and final part of my Disneyland Paris photo diary series with you!

Disneyland Paris Photo Diary

Note: Thrice Upon a Dream has now moved to Wonder and Grey!

Thursday 28th November

When I left you at the end of part two, we'd just had a nice day of shopping, relaxing and eating so we were raring to go come Thursday morning. We made our way down to the Disneyland Park early to make the most of the extra magic hours offered to hotel guests. Here you can see my lovely husband Matt pushing our little boy through the castle with virtually no-one else around - pure magic!

Disneyland Paris photo diary

Our plan for extra magic hours was fairly simple: to ride Peter Pan's Flight and then do whatever else we could manage. And you know it almost worked. We were among the first in the queue but the ride was down and they didn't know when it would be back up. I stayed optimistic and argued with Matt that I'd rather wait and be first on than have to wait 45 minutes later so we stood there, waiting for 40 minutes at the front of the queue (because everyone else was smart and walked away) before we inevitably decided to leave it.

We rode Buzz again and then hit Market House Deli for a light breakfast since we'd skipped the buffet breakfast in our hotel. (Yes, you can use your breakfast credits in the park!)

Disneyland Paris photo diary

After some delicious croissants, we made our way into Frontierland for the first time during our trip. With perfect timing, we walked straight onto the Molly Brown in all her grandeur and enjoyed a good twenty minute ride around Thunder Mesa.

I wish we'd stopped here and left the area but I was adamant that I wanted to ride Phantom Manor. I have so much regret about this decision. Mini was shaking because he was so terrified and then his shoe fell off while we were boarding our doom buggy which left me stressed out and panicking. Matt hated it. Mini hated it. And I'm sorry to say that the whole experience was so traumatic for me that I wouldn't be surprised if I never rode it again either.

By this point, Peter Pan's Flight was operational so we made our way back over to Fantasyland via Adventureland. We picked up fastpasses, headed over to It's a Small World to make up for the childhood trauma that was Phantom Manor and then we sat down until it was time for us to ride Peter Pan's Flight. Next on our list was lunch and we had hot dogs in mind so yep, we went to Casey's. Mini conveniently fell asleep just before we arrived which meant that Matt and I were able to enjoy a romantic meal on our honeymoon. Okay, it was less romantic and more quick service but still!

Disneyland Paris Christmas parade

We then ran over to the parade route because all of a sudden it was ten minutes before the Christmas parade! Luckily we were still able to get a great spot over by the gates by It's a Small World. Mini loved it. I loved it so much I cried a little bit afterwards. Matt loved it too but he's not as emotional as me so he didn't cry.

We decided to head back to the hotel for a rest before dinner and the plan had been to start packing but we really needed the rest to be honest. That night we ate dinner at La Cantina in Santa Fe which I have to admit had the best and tastiest selection of food but it was really let down by the terrible service.

Friday 29th November

To wrap up our honeymoon, we decided that our last day would be fairly relaxed. So we dropped our luggage off at the express desk, enjoyed one last breakfast at Chuck Wagon Cafe and off we went to the Disneyland park, one final time.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

We filled our short time with the things we loved the most so naturally we rode Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and It's a Small World again. The rest of the time was spent walking around and taking in the sights and sounds. During our walk, Mini got to see Jessie, Baloo and the Genie and we even stopped to meet everybody's favourite pup, Pluto!

Disneyland Paris photo diary

I wasn't leaving Disneyland Paris without ticking a few other bucket list items off my list so we made sure to visit the Disneyland Hotel after leaving the park. I got to smell it for the first time and while I can kind of see the appeal, it was a bit too musky for me? It also gave us the opportunity to visit the gingerbread house display in the lobby which was magical.

I've often considered staying in the Disneyland Hotel to be a bucket list item but after being in there for all of five minutes, I think I'd feel really uncomfortable staying there.

After another quick lunch at McDonald's, it was time to make our way over to the station to collect our luggage ready for our journey home. (Yes, more cheeseburgers. We really do love them!)

Disneyland Paris photo diary

The wait at the station was long and chilly but luckily for us, Mini slept all the way through until we made it out the other end of security. After a journey to Disneyland Paris on a sleek and modern WiFi enabled Eurostar train, imagine our surprise (and horror) when this monstrosity from yesteryear appeared at the platform to take us home. There was no WiFi but luckily we'd downloaded a few bits to entertain Mini in advance just in case. The only real upside to the train was that a non-existent row of seats appeared behind us which meant that we could spread out across four seats rather than share two between the three of us. Matt and I got to take turns sitting with Mini and enjoying some quiet reflection which was a really nice end to our honeymoon and made the journey go by quickly.

As much as we all loved Disneyland Paris, we loved coming home. I'm sure I've said before but the three of us are very much homebodies who crave their creature comforts. We always look forward to being back home, no matter where we go or how much fun we have while we're there.

As of right now, I suspect our next Disney holiday will be a cruise in 2022 but that's purely speculation. It could be later or it could be sooner. It depends on if we win the lottery or not. So that's that, I hope you've enjoyed this Disneyland Paris photo diary series as much as I enjoyed making it. Missed one? You can find them right here: PART ONE and PART TWO.


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