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Disneyland Paris Photo Diary: Part 2

Hey lovely! Can you believe that Christmas is officially over for another year? That flew by! I hope Santa brought you everything on your list and that you had a fantastic Christmas with your nearest and dearest. Today I'm sharing part two of our Disneyland Paris photo diary series which highlights some of my favourite photos and moments of our incredible honeymoon. So without further ado...

Disneyland Paris photo diary

Note: Thrice Upon a Dream has now moved to Wonder and Grey!

Tuesday 26th November

Let's start with this photo of our Mini looking very awake, alert and excited for someone who has been abruptly woken up at 6am which is really 5am to his body clock.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

The reason that we woke up so early on our first full day at Disneyland Paris was because we had something very special planned: a character breakfast at Plaza Gardens in the Disneyland park. The idea was that we could meet Mini's favourite characters Mickey and Donald in a relaxed way while also feeding us! I'm going to be talking about this in a lot more detail very soon so I haven't included any of those photos here - you'll just have to keep an eye out for our character breakfast post!

But before we headed over to Plaza Gardens, we had to make a very important stop at City Hall. As you may know, our trip was supposed to coincide with Mini's second birthday but we'd had to change it to save a few hundred pounds but we still wanted to celebrate as we would have if we had gone a week later. So we went into City Hall to ask for a birthday badge which unfortunately they were out of but they were able to offer him a little Timon and Pumbaa sticker which he absolutely adored and the cast member was fantastic and insisted that we take the Mickey birthday phone call as well.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

After finishing off our character breakfast, we went straight into Discoveryland to ride Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast which I knew Matt would love. It turns out that Mini is just a little bit too short to be captured on the photo so it was very lucky that we hadn't purchased a PhotoPass.

By the time that we were finished fighting Emperor Zurg, one of the most iconic Disney rides was open so we quickly made our way over to It's a Small World where we got to ride in our very own boat. I'm not even kidding! It was absolutely perfect and I finally got to see the clock parade which was a bucket list item for me.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

We actually had a fantastic hour or so afterwards despite a ride evacuation while we were on Casey Jr which resulted in me slipping down the grass banks and naturally I assumed I was going to die underneath the little train and that that would be rather ironic given that it's my "favourite ride". Spoiler alert: I am not dead. Thank goodness.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

Since we had a lunch reservation in the studios, we decided to make our way over there after we'd done Le Pays de Contes de Fees which is the little storybook boats, the teacups and of course, visited the infamous dragon underneath the castle. 

Somewhere between the two parks, it started raining heavily. I became very stressed, very quickly because Matt's weather app had said no rain so what did we leave in our hotel room? You guessed it. The rain cover for the pushchair. What a disaster. 

But actually our luck was about to change because in my boredom I decided to check the Lineberty app and to my disbelief, I was able to book onto the coveted Olaf meet and greet. This was possibly my favourite moment of the entire trip - Mini loves Frozen so much and you could see how happy he was to be meeting his favourite snowman of all time. We ended up buying two of the three photos plus frames. I would 100% recommend if you can actually get a ticket!

Disneyland Paris photo diary

Rest was next up on our itinerary because we were desperately trying to avoid a repeat of the Chessington incident but it ended up being too little too late. After three hours chilling and napping in our hotel room, we begrudgingly made our way back to the parks. The plan was to hit the studios first to ride Ratatouille and Cars Quatre Roues Rallye before going back into the main park for the fireworks. We didn't get to see the fireworks because by then my back was absolute agony. I couldn't sit, stand or walk without being in excruciating pain - it was horrible.

Wednesday 27th November

We decided to take it easy after the pain of the previous night so we allowed ourselves to sleep in and have a late relaxed breakfast at Chuck Wagon Cafe.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

The shopping itself didn't take too long because we didn't feel compelled to buy anything but we struggled to decide where to eat. We were about to give up when I remembered that there was a Five Guys in the village so we opened up the app to figure out where it was hiding and then made our way to the restaurant.

We love a good Five Guys and this did not disappoint. Cheeseburgers, fries and cherry-vanilla coca-cola always hit the spot.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the hotel chilling out before dinner in Chuck Wagon Cafe. I was feeling much better after having a more relaxed day out of the parks. Here's me and Mini in front of one of the Christmas trees at Hotel Cheyenne!

Disneyland Paris photo diary

After dinner, we waited by the shuttle bus stop to watch the fireworks as I'd figured out that we should be able to see some of them from there. Granted it was a super obstructed view at best but it was better than not seeing any fireworks at all. Mini loves saying "wow" when he sees them so it was definitely worth it.

Disneyland Paris photo diary

Before we went back to the room, we popped into Starbucks to try the toasted marshmallow frappucino and hot chocolate. It was heavenly but the one I had back here in the UK was gross and cinnamon-y. Blergh. So this is me and Mini taking photos in Starbucks while Matt waits for our drinks to be prepared. Sometimes good days at Disney don't have to be park days.

That's all I've got for you today but make sure you stop by next week for the third and final instalment of my Disneyland Paris photo diary where I'll be sharing photos from our last two days at Disney!


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