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25 Things That Make Me Smile

Hey lovely! Do you ever stop and think about the things that bring so much joy into your life? The little things that make you smile? I'll admit that I didn't give as much thought to this as I should have before I was tagged to do this post by the incredible Gabby from GABBYABIGAILL - you can check out her post here and of course, you can continue reading to discover the 25 things that make me smile!

Mini and me on Halloween 2018

Note: Thrice Upon a Dream has now moved to Wonder and Grey!

1. My Son

How could I not start with my beautiful little boy? I could easily list 25 things that make me smile about him alone. The way he looks at me like I'm the best thing in the whole world. His cuddles and kisses. The way he says "mum". The way he dances to music. His tenacity. His gentle loving nature. The way he loves animals. But thinking bigger than that, it's also the way that he completes our family, how he's the product of our love and how lucky we are to have overcome our difficulties to bring him into the world.

There's a quote by Washington Irving that I think really says it all - "there is an endearing tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart."

2. My soon-to-be husband, Matt

Until I met Matt back in 2015, I don't think I ever truly understood the concept of soulmates or "the one". I knew on our very first date that it was a forever thing and here we are, a few years down the line about to get married and officially make it a forever thing.

It's cliche but he truly is my best friend in the world. Sure he's a pain in the bum, that comes from living together for almost four years and the inevitable getting on each other's nerves, but he still makes me feel the same way he did in the beginning and he still makes me cry laughing on the regular.

3. Our four guinea pigs

I always suspected that I'd end up being a crazy cat lady but wound up being a guinea pig mum instead! Honestly, our home and family just wouldn't be complete without our girls.

They're small, noisy and messy but that's part of what makes them so lovable. I love our interspecies conversations, the way they come to me when they want strokes and of course, having snuggles with them. They might be guinea pigs but they sure do have human-like personalities, I tell you that much.

4. Spending time with family

By now you've probably established that family is really important to me so it makes sense that my next thing would be spending time with our loved ones. We're not geographically close to any of our relatives which just makes any time spent together all the more important and lovely.

5. Celebrating the little wins

Some days really suck so I try to celebrate the little wins. Sometimes it's just that I managed to do a load of washing. Maybe I posted a blog post that I slaved over for weeks. It's all about those little wins.

6. Celebrating the big wins

Of course, let's not forget the big wins in life. Graduating from university. Getting married. Having a baby. Six months of blogging! All massive milestones that rightly deserve to be celebrated!

7. Looking through old photos

Isn't it just so wonderful to look back on all those precious memories of yesteryear?! I can happily lose myself for hours just staring at old photos especially Mini's baby photos!

Mini covered in bolognese
I especially love the messy baby led weaning photos like this one!

8. Watching sitcoms

Watching sitcoms is one of my favourite forms of self-care. Comic relief is great for your mental health and honestly, isn't it just one of the best feelings ever to laugh from your belly because something was just that funny?

9. Hot Chocolate

I was in awe seeing photos of the hot cocoa bar that had been set up at Disney World to celebrate Christmas in July. Now I don't have a hot chocolate bar (yet!) but I do love a good hot chocolate. For me, the perfect hot choc is warm, a little bit milky and topped with whipped cream and mini marshmallows.

10. Animals

Sure I've already spoken about our guinea pigs and how much I love them but did you know that I also love animals in general? Of course, there are some that I love less than others such as spiders, other creepy crawlies and the scary predators of the world. (Yes I did feel pure terror while my son got stared down by a tiger.) But I'm still fascinated by the animal kingdom as a whole and I love taking animal photos.

Meerkats at Chessington World of Adventures
Here's a photo I took of two meerkats at Chessington earlier this month!

11. Daydreaming about Disney holidays

Whether it's Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World, a Disney Cruise or any of the other Disney parks or destinations around the world, please take me back to my happy place!

12. Finishing a good book

Isn't this just one of the best feelings in the world?! You lose yourself in a book for hours or days and then come out of the other side a different person somehow. It really is quite remarkable.

13. Surprises from Matt

Matt often brings me home little surprises. These are usually edible like donuts, chocolates or my favourite noodles from the Chinese takeaway. But sometimes the surprise will be more tangible like a magazine or something I've been after for a while.

14. Messages from friends

Never underestimate the value of a message from a friend. It doesn't matter if it's a text or WhatsApp or just a comment on Instagram, it is always appreciated.

15. Christmas

'Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la. It's right there in the song and jolly, I will be. From the minute I see that first Christmas light sparkling in the distance, I am filled with warmth. I love everything about Christmas - except the crowds of shoppers because argh, crowd anxiety! The music, the movies, the food... I just love it all.

16. Painting

Although I was really into art and painting when I was younger, this is very much a new hobby for me. I'm currently in a watercolours phase and I really enjoy losing myself in creativity.

17. Scrapbooking

Like #7, scrapbooking is a great way to lose myself in reflection. I've been compiling a scrapbook of my little family's life and adventures and it's become one of my favourite hobbies.

18. Long relaxing baths

Give me a nice warm bath with a LUSH bath bomb any day of the week and guaranteed it'll put a smile on my face. Candles are an added bonus, of course!

19. Making happy memories with my boys

Let the good times roll! Whether we're just being silly at home dancing to Baby Shark, making pancakes, having fun at the park or out on a grand adventure, every minute that the three of us spend together is precious.

20. Listening to nostalgic music 

Music used to be my life. Seriously. And although I don't have much time nowadays, I do have a favourite Spotify playlist full of my favourite songs and it brings me a lot of joy. I also have a playlist full of pop-punk songs and sometimes just lose myself in the songs that I've loved over the years.

21. Shopping!

I guess the more technical term would be window shopping because my eyes are often bigger than my wallet but yep, I love a good shopping spree. I also love a good haul post!

22. Taking photos

I've already spoken about looking at photos but I actually really enjoy taking photos too. My approach to photography is very much point and shoot but it still puts a huge smile on my face when I end up taking some great photos.

23. Seeing people being able to relate to my blog content

As is the case with many bloggers, I write for myself. I write the kind of content that I, myself, would like to read and then I just kind of hope that someone out there can relate to it too. So when I see that someone else gets it, it's an overwhelming feeling of joy.

24. Autumn

I don't know what it is that makes autumn so magical but I love it, it's my favourite season. I love the crispness of autumn weather. The warm leafy tones. The way that leaves blow around in the wind. There's something special about night-time too, it's dark yet inviting and not too chilly - for the most part.

25. Going on Holiday

Stressful? Yes. Full of anxiety? Yes. But there really is no feeling like that 'out of office' feeling - even when you're on holiday with your tiny boss. I love that feeling of excitement that washes over you the second you lock your front door and head off on a grand adventure. It's one of my favourite feelings in the world.

So that's my list of 25 things that make me smile and in true tag fashion, I would like to tag Jane from My Little World, Lauren from Laureny LovesChocoviv, Victoria Austin and Georgia from Brit Voyage to share their 25 things! Not been tagged? Hakuna matata! Go ahead and give it a go anyway and please share your links in the comments below so I can check out your list!

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  1. I love your list, girl! :) Your son is the cutest. I'm so excited that you're getting married to your soulmate! I can't wait to see pictures. Also, it is so amazing that you're into art, too. I absolutely loveeeee painting.

    Much love always,
    GABBY |