Monday, 5 August 2019

Typo Haul

Anyone else get that 'wahey, it's payday' feeling? One of our family's traditions is that every month when payday rolls around we get to indulge in a little something to perk us up a bit. We like to call it our "payday treat". This month I decided to treat myself to some goodies from Typo and here is my haul!

typo stationery and disney haul

Sleepy Mug

I've been talking myself out of buying this mug for months. Not even kidding. They have several mugs correlating to the personalities of the dwarves from Snow White but this one just spoke to me from the moment I first saw it. 

Since it had been reduced to £2, I had no more excuses. If I didn't buy it soon, I would almost certainly miss out on owning such a relatable mug.

One of my biggest concerns about buying mugs over the internet is whether or not they'll arrive smashed to smithereens and I'm glad to say that this was not the case. The mug arrived safe and sound in a box inside a box which was inside the larger box.

I haven't used it yet but I'm looking forward to it being the mug I drink from when I need a quick pick-me-up.

Sleepy mug from Typo

Disney Earphones

Did I need these earphones? No. Did I have to have them? Absolutely. 

These bad boys had been reduced to only £3.50 which is a great price for earphones in general let alone ones with such a cute design. The bargain price actually led to me ordering two sets.

These are so cute but really uncomfortable to wear. The Mickey head is a flexible rubber material but is just slightly too big to sit comfortably in the ear. As for sound quality, I really don't rate these very highly as they're quite tinny-sounding but they do the trick.

Mickey earphones from Typo

Mickey Slippers

Maybe my favourite impulse buy of the year is these super cheerful Mickey slippers. They're really soft and plushy but in a way that doesn't make them unbearably hot to wear. These are a winner in my eyes.

Mickey slippers from Typo


I always need new notebooks. A month or two of jotting down notes, quotes and ideas in a notebook quickly fills up those pages. So it made sense to buy at least one from Typo where the range is iconic and large. They do sell A4 notebooks but I chose to stick to A5 because I find them easier to use around my toddler.

Buzz Lightyear notebook from Typo

I'd wanted the Buzz Lightyear one for months so adding that to the basket was a no-brainer and then out of their extensive Disney notebook range, I also chose this Aladdin one. Both of these were lined which makes them perfect for planning out my Disney blog posts.

Aladdin notebook from Typo

The third notebook I purchased just spoke to me because I love palm trees. Unlike the other two, this notebook contains grid pages which is pretty cool. I think I'm going to use it mainly for lists.

Motivational notebook from Typo

Moustache Pens

These little moustache pens were in the sale section and I just couldn't ignore them at only 50p each. Got to love an adorable novelty pen - especially when it's an absolute bargain!

Pink and purple moustache pens from Typo

Eye Mask

Okay so I already have an eye mask that I adore but it's completely vanished leaving my eyes to struggle with the early morning sun. So when I saw the range of eye masks in the Typo sale, it made sense for me to grab a bargain while I could.

I've had a blackout eye mask before but I love how plushy and comfortable this one is. The only downside is that the strap, which isn't adjustable, is too tight for my head so I can't actually wear it to sleep. Oh well.

Gold eye mask from Typo

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my latest haul post. If hauls are your thing, make sure you check out my Disney and stationery hauls!

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