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July Favourites

Things have been a little rough around the edges recently so I think it's the perfect time to take a look at some of the things I loved in July.

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Mini's Speech Development

Since Mini has always hit his physical milestones early, I think Matt and I were both a teeny bit concerned that his speech development wasn't anywhere near some of his peers but he's come a really long way this month and we are so proud of him!

Cat and duck are probably his two favourite words but he's also got hey, teeth, eggs, cheese, bath, yeah, quack, a few letters of the alphabet (a, c, s, x, y and z) and several numbers. That's on top of the usual mama and dada so he's exactly where he should be for his age which is absolutely brilliant.

Chocolate Hazelnut Donuts

How could I leave this one of my list? I've enjoyed three types of choco-hazelnut donuts over the last few weeks and while they are all super delicious, the Tesco offering was by far the best.

Our Teddy Bear Picnic

I think our half planned, half impromptu teddy bear picnic is one of my favourite family memories. I loved that the three of us were together, munching on yummy food in our living room surrounded by a dozen soft toys. It was such a simple thing but we all had a lot of fun.

Teddy bear picnic food

Booking our trip to Chessington World of Adventures

Making more family memories? Yes please! This was admittedly something we'd been talking about for as long as I can remember but it was great to just get it all booked including our travel so we had no excuses. Mini's going to love it!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Even though my summer reading challenge is still underway, I only managed to read two books this month. But hey, that just makes it so much easier to choose my favourite!

I actually think Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is one of the best books that I've read this year. It really opened my eyes to why I create and inspired me to have more fun with my creative endeavours.

Designated Survivor (S3)

We've both enjoyed watching Designated Survivor since its pilot but I felt like the second season was more "filler" than anything else so when I saw the trailer for its third season, I was a little bit sceptical about it.

But I needn't have worried because season three was great. There was so much happening and a really thrilling threat to national security that made it easy to binge-watch over a few days. My only disappointment was that the best character (in my opinion) was killed off but hey, that's just how TV works, right?

Secret Obsession

Secret Obsession might not be the best movie out there but I honestly really enjoyed it. Again, I repeat that thrillers are my cup of tea so would I enjoy a movie about a woman who lost her memory in a terrifying altercation and is then sent home with her stalker posing to be her husband? You bet.

How to Get Away with Murder (S5)

AK and the gang are back! I've always enjoyed watching How to Get Away with Murder though I must admit that watching season 4 while pregnant/with a newborn was rough. That whole baby storyline was just another level of anxiety but I digress.

The mystery being unfolded in flashbacks this season is (obviously) another murder - this time at Connor and Oliver's wedding. Each week we're graced with another titbit, usually revealing another character who is not the murder victim. I have my theories but I'm rarely right when it comes to How to Get Away with Murder so...


July has been a great month for vlogs but here are some of the best ones I watched this month:

Mint Ice Cream with Whipped Cream

This is the very definition of a guilty pleasure because I enjoy it so much but feel super guilty after indulging. Still I'd say it's 100% worth it.

Saving Britain's Hedgehogs

One of the hedgehogs that they had rescued was snoring and oh my goodness, it was the sweetest noise I have ever heard in my entire life. Also I think hedgehogs are super cute in general so let's protect them, yeah?

What did you love in July? Let me know in the comments!

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