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Our Wedding: 4 Months To Go!

I've got a huge confession to make: up until recently, I was a bit of a 'bridechilla'. I took a very laid-back approach to wedding planning. But alas, that's starting to change because our wedding is suddenly only four months away! Eek!

Since I've not shared anything about our wedding yet, I thought that I'd do a little post to share what we've got sorted and talk about the million and one things we've got left on our wedding to-do list.

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For a little bit of context, Matt and I have been engaged since December 2016.

At the time of our engagement, our priorities were elsewhere. We were already actively trying to conceive which, as you might already know, wasn't exactly going well for us. We desperately wanted to have a child so spending a small fortune on a wedding just wasn't an immediate priority.

Then we were blessed with the arrival of our rainbow baby Mini which brought a new realisation: how will we ever afford to get married?

Towards the end of last year, we were very generously offered some money towards our wedding by some family members so we jumped straight into planning our big day.

We decided that the best way for us to stick to our budget was to have a registry office ceremony and we have been absolutely spoilt for choice in Dorset as many of the ceremony rooms in the area are absolutely breathtaking.

As soon as we walked into the main ceremony room in the Guildhall in Poole, we knew that it was where we wanted to get married.

Since we already had a date in mind, we were able to book it a few days later for an incredible price. It was even cheaper as we'd chosen a week day.

The reception venue proved to be a little trickier but we managed to find a lovely sports club that offered us an incredible package for well within our budget.

One of the main reasons that we chose to get married in October is because we both love autumn. So it probably won't come as a surprise that we decided to have an autumnal theme for our wedding with lots of leaves, pumpkins and flowers. Beautiful hues of reds, oranges and yellows.

To save money, I designed our invitations myself and we just printed them out at home - true DIY style! For our RSVPs, we opted to create a wedding website through Getting Married which is absolutely free!

And because we love Disney, we'll be honeymooning in the magical Disneyland Paris - but that's not all we're celebrating on that trip! You can catch up on where we're at with planning right here.

So what do we still need to sort out? So many things!


Up until a few days ago, none of us had our outfits sorted.

I had been struggling to find a dress for months after initially buying a stunning secondhand designer dress off eBay that ultimately was way too small for me and needed a handful of alterations that we didn't have the budget for. So I'd been going from website to website searching for evening dresses that might work for a bride on a budget and not really having much success.

Luckily, dress #5 was "the one" so now I just need to work on getting some shoes and maybe the odd accessory.

Matt's only recently started looking into his options. He had a quick look in Next a few days ago but  wasn't massively impressed with their range so we still need to find matching suits for him and Mini to wear.


Once again, I'm sorted while Matt is not.

We bought my ring set from Warren James shortly after Christmas at a bargain price. Matt hasn't been able to ring one that he likes yet so we need to keep looking.

Give Notice

Time is quickly running out for us to give notice so this is a very high priority right now and I think we're aiming to book it in for early next month.

Since we're getting married at the same registry office where we'll be giving notice, it's also our opportunity to sit down with the registrar and finalise our options for the ceremony.

Book Transport

We've decided to stick to the super budget option of booking a taxi so we'll be scouting out a few local taxi firms to get a good quote and hopefully be able to recommend the same firm to any of our guests who need a ride on the day.


We still need to finish paying off the cost of our DJ and then to talk to him about our music and lighting choices.

We've already chosen our first dance song and are currently considering having an 80s, 90s and 00s playlist that everyone can enjoy.

Table Decorations

When we booked everything we had a clear cut idea of what we wanted to decorate our table: pumpkin vases.

I'd still like to have this but we're not sure whether or not to opt for real or artificial for the pumpkins and flowers. It has a lot to do with costs, prep work and storage space so... it's all very complicated.


We already know roughly what we're doing for our wedding favours, we just need to start acquiring all the little bits and pieces that we need for it.

Since our favours are largely edible, this needs to be done quite late on in the hopes that I won't stress eat them all ahead of time and need to buy new ones.


Again, we've already chosen the exact one that we want so it's just a matter of getting around to actually ordering it and then picking up a cheap pack of pens for the day!

Chase RSVPs

Out of the invitations we've sent out, we've only had a handful of RSVPs back so far and the deadline is rapidly approaching.

So in a few weeks time, we'll be starting to chase down any outstanding RSVPs so that we can finalise our numbers with our venues and catering and start working on our seating plan and place cards which we are also DIY-ing.

Pay for Food

As is the case with most weddings, we need to give an exact number to our catering to work out the final costs so as soon as we've got all our RSVPs we'll be paying off this balance so we can focus on all those little costs that add up like the guestbook and favours.

I hope that's all that's left to worry about but the likelihood is that I'm forgetting about something that I'll probably remember as I walk down the aisle... eek!

If you've enjoyed this post, make sure you check out the next instalment in our wedding countdown and this life update to find out even more about our big day!

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