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10 Sitcoms That I Love

Today is July 10th which means that it's not only teddy bear picnic day but it's also time to share a brand new monthly segment with you all: a list of 10 things on the 10th! These can be top 10 lists, round-ups and more so be on the lookout for those every month. To kick it off, I've chosen to talk about 10 sitcoms that I love watching because we all need a bit of a giggle sometimes and watching sitcoms is a really easy way to practise self-care.

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1. Parks & Recreation

As well as being insanely quotable, there's so much heart and so much wisdom in Parks & Recreation. I could say to you that Leslie Knope is the icon we all need in our lives - a lead character that is so passionate and driven, she's literally always putting herself out there, against all the odds and making it happen. 

But you know what? Every single member of this insanely talented cast brings something valuable to the table. Yep, even Jerry!

And let's not forget that Mouse Rat is clearly the greatest band of all time. You know the words so sing along: bye bye Li'l Sebastian, miss you in the saddest fashion, bye bye Li'l Sebastian, you're 5000 candles in the wind...

Favourite Episode: Partridge (S5 E17)

2. The Office (US)

When I first watched The Office (US), I hated it. That's right, hated it. I'd watched the original series a handful of times and so it was quite hard to digest the first few episodes but as soon as the show took on its own identity, it was golden.

I love that if I'm having a particularly bad day, or just an average day to be fair, I can watch any episode of The Office and I will laugh out loud. Some episodes it's Michael's naivety and ignorance that's making me laugh, some episodes it's Dwight's extreme views on life and so on. Like Parks & Rec, there's so much to love about all the characters and honestly I think that that's what makes a great sitcom.

Favourite Episode: Stress Relief - Parts 1 & 2 (S5 E14 & 15)

3. Modern Family

First of all, I should mention that I love sitcoms that focus on family life and you'll notice this theme popping up several times during this post. Modern Family goes beyond the traditional family sitcom model and shares the lives of a multi-generational extended family. I love that it celebrates diversity and the fact that not all families look alike.

But also Phil is one of my favourite sitcom characters of all time. If anything is going to make me laugh in a Modern Family episode, there's a 99% chance it'll be something Phil says or does.

Favourite Episode: Five Minutes (S8 E18)

4. Friday Night Dinner

Friday Night Dinner is a highly addictive sitcom and it's absolutely brilliant for delivering the kind of jokes that will make your abdominal muscles hurt from laughing so much.

It's probably the most controversial choice on my list as the content is a bit more "adult" than many of the other sitcoms listed but it really is great. Sometimes cringey, sometimes awkward but always great.

It should also be noted that Martin and Jim are two of the greatest sitcom characters in my opinion. If you know, you know.

Favourite Episode: The Dress (S1 E4)

5. Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek is very much a new love and one that I talk a little bit about in my May Favourites. Basically I'd seen some incredible snippets of Catherine O'Hara as Moira Rose which made me want to watch the show and once I started watching, I couldn't stop.

The cast delivers some of the funniest comedy I've ever seen. It's a great show to binge-watch!

Favourite Episode: Driving Test (S3 E4)

6. The Middle

The Middle is refreshingly relatable. My own upbringing was somewhat different to the Heck kids in that we didn't have to operate broken microwaves or anything like that but I do have four brothers and honestly there are so many moments when I see my brothers in Axl or Brick.

I actually think that we watched The Middle too often during pregnancy because Mini is basically a miniature Axl-Brick hybrid. The following GIF, honestly, is 100% my son:


Favourite Episode: The Convention (S7 E9)

7. The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling is one of my favourite people on the planet so it's kind of obvious that I would choose The Mindy Project as one of my top 10 sitcoms for that reason alone.

Unlike any of the other sitcoms on my list, The Mindy Project is essentially a romantic comedy. It's about a gynaecologist who is obsessed with romance but generally has bad luck when it comes to her own love life.

I haven't actually finished watching this series yet because the last two seasons were not aired or released in the UK until earlier this year when Now TV/Sky added it to their boxset subscriptions. Madness, I know. We're currently getting through it at the pace of snails so bear with me.

Favourite Episode: Josh and Mindy's Christmas Party (S1 E9)

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

My two favourite TV genres are sitcoms (obviously) and crime drama so it was probable that I'd end up liking a sitcom based in a police precinct - especially when Michael Schur is involved!

Favourite Episode: Yippie Kayak (S3 E10)

9. Outnumbered

I have watched Outnumbered more times than I can count. It's so good that I wasn't satisfied being able to watch it on DVD so I bought a digital copy too so I could watch it whenever and wherever I wanted.

Yes, it's another family sitcom but what makes it different is that it's about parenting rather than just family life in general. It's about the pressure to parent your kids in certain ways, the judgement you face from outside sources and the fact that children will pretty much do or say whatever they want regardless of how you bring them up.

In fact, this is one of the best things about the show: the kids were largely unscripted in the early years. Sure they were encouraged towards certain ideas but they said whatever popped into their heads with hilarious results. The three Brockman kids are seriously the stars of the show and continue to be even as they all enter their teenage years in the later seasons.

Favourite Episode: The Family Outing (S3 E1)

10. Friends

Even a good two and a half decades since it started airing, Friends is still one of the greatest sitcoms out there. It's one that you can just watch over and over to your hearts content - I think we've watched it in its entirety a few dozen times since the start of 2017.

I could sit here and list off iconic Friends quotes for hours but I won't because I'm assuming you already know at least a couple of them. I do feel like some of the jokes haven't aged well but again, it's been 25 years so it's safe to say that the times have changed a fair bit since these episodes were aired.

Another thing that I think makes Friends so deeply relatable is that we're all some kind of combination of the main characters. We might have the quirks of one character but the misfortunes of another and so on. As such, I feel equal attachment to five of the six characters - but not Ross because Ross sucks.

Favourite Episode: The One with Ross's Tan (S10 E3)

Phew, that was actually really challenging for me because there are so many great sitcoms that I simply wasn't able to include in my Top 10 list. What's your favourite sitcom? Let me know in the comments below.

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