Monday, 15 July 2019

The Teddy Bear Picnic

Last Wednesday was *drum roll* Teddy Bear Picnic Day and since we were all at home together, we'd planned to take full advantage of the festivities and throw a spectacular indoor picnic for Mini and his soft toy pals.

Teddy bear picnic

You know that old saying "failure to prepare is preparing to fail"? Well let's just say that we might have forgotten to actually buy any picnic food for said teddy bear picnic. Oops. So about half an hour before Mini's lunchtime, Matt was sent out with a super vague shopping list of bits to bring home.

Pro Tip: Make sure you actually buy the picnic food if you're having a picnic of any kind.

Last minute supplies aside, I have to admit that it was a lovely spread. Mini enjoyed ham sandwiches, pom bears, carrot sticks and biscuits while us grown ups got to sit around and tuck into pizza. Mine was the southern chicken pizza from Iceland - it's my absolute favourite frozen pizza and only costs £1!

Selection of picnic food on plates
Yummy food!

Now I have to declare that Matt decided to also bring home a pack of jam tarts. The second I saw them I knew it was going to be a disaster but I love a strawberry jam tart so the hesitation was minimal slash non-existent.

Obviously Mini got his hands on both the apricot and the blackcurrant ones. The apricot tart vanished into thin air and since we've yet to find any evidence that it even existed, I'm guessing it went into my child's mouth. We didn't get so lucky with the blackcurrant one and have had to scrub the carpets with carpet cleaner several times since.

So as far as the jam tart-toddler combo goes, I would argue that tarts, like painting and sand, are a treat that should only be experienced outside of the home. Or at the very least, not on a light coloured carpet.

What's your favourite picnic food? Let me know in the comments!

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