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Stationery Haul: May + June 2019

A few years back, you might have described me as a stationery hoarder or addict. If it was stationery and it was cute, I had to have it. I couldn't go past a Paperchase store without venturing into its warm welcoming arms. But somewhere along the way, I became a pro at resisting the temptation and even waved goodbye to my collection of novelty sticky notes.

Then I started blogging and if you create content for the internet, you probably already know that for something that requires no paper, you sure go through a lot of it. Notebooks have become my vice purely because I fill them with ideas and notes faster than I can clear through our laundry basket. It helps me stay relatively organised amidst the chaos of blogging while also taking care of my toddler. So today I'm going to share with you, the newest additions to my stationery collection!

Stationery haul

Note: Thrice Upon a Dream has now moved to Wonder and Grey!

Mini Notebooks

How cute are these little guys?! I found these in the stationery aisle in Asda and think they're an absolute bargain at 50p each. Not only are these perfect for DIY gift boxes but they'd also make great stocking fillers!

These are honestly so dinky that they can fit in my palm. I actually picked these up because they were the perfect size to just throw in a bag if we were going out and then I'd always be prepared for any random sparks of creativity! The puns and ridiculously adorable designs were just an added bonus.

Mini notebooks from Asda

Pastel Highlighters

I've wanted to get hold of these Stabilo pastel highlighters for ages but my goodness, they are so expensive! The best deal I'd been able to find on them was as an Amazon add-on item which is great if you're already going to hit that minimum spend threshold but not ideal if you don't want to spend over £20.

So when I spotted these on offer in Wilko for only £3, I snapped them up! Luckily Matt wasn't around at the time because not even ten minutes earlier, I'd actually bought a different set of pastel highlighters which you'll see a little bit later on.

Stabilo Boss pastel highlighters


If stationery is my obsession, planners are my addiction. Out of the many planners I've owned in my lifetime, this one is by far my favourite.

Not only is it super user friendly, it's also colourful, fun and offers up motivational quotes on most pages to encourage you to keep going. There's a page at the start of each month to note any important dates such as birthdays, write down your goals for the month and a to-do list followed by a monthly overview page and then weekly focus pages. All of the pages are undated leaving you free to come and go as you please without wasting any space. It even comes with a few pages of awesome stickers for you to use which I absolutely love!

I can't remember the exact cost of this one but I found this stunning planner in the stationery section at Homesense (TK Maxx). There were a few different designs of this undated planner as well as a huge range of other dated and undated options.

Undated planner from Homesense
Stunning pink and blue marble effect cover

Weekly page of undated planner from Homesense
Week to view pages

Month page of undated planner from Homesense
Monthly overview page

Sticker page from homesense planner
So many awesome stickers!

Bic Intensity Pens

I actually picked this pack of four Bic Intensity pens up from Home Bargains (£1) on a bit of a whim because fineliners are my pen of choice. Now that I've used them, I can't imagine going back to life without them. The colours are so beautiful and vivid and they write like a dream without any bleeding or smudging. I'd love to get my hands on some more of these pens!

Four Bic intensity pens

Cat Pastel Highlighters

Paperchase is one of the best places on Earth. I could get lost in a Paperchase for hours just staring dreamily at all the lush stationery that I can't justify buying but on this occasion, we went into the store specifically to find these little cuties.

I previously owned this set as regular highlighter colours but saw that they were now also available in pastels which is what I was after. My last set lasted for my entire degree and beyond so they really are great quality although I must confess that I found these pastel highlighters to be harder to use especially when compared to the Stabilo ones.

Cat pastel highlighter set from Paperchase

'H' Notebook

So this one was actually a surprise gift to me from Matt as he knew I'd run out of space in my previous notebook. This initial notebook is from Home Bargains and we believe it cost £1. (It's an H because my name is Hayley - in case you didn't know!)

I've been using this for a short while now and I absolutely love it. It's an A5 soft cover notebook which is ideal for me as it's not too invasive. I love that the pages are cream rather than pure white and the quality is surprisingly really good considering the price. Another bonus is that the pages rip out easily without taking the rest of the notebook with them!

Initial notebook from Home Bargains

Pencil Case

Since my stationery supplies were starting to pile up and I had nowhere to store them, I obviously needed a pencil case!

I found this gorgeous rose gold one in the reduced section of WHSmith. It was only £2 which is an absolute bargain when you think about how much their non-reduced pencil cases cost. It's quite large so could just as easily double as a make-up bag.

Rose gold pencil case

To-Do List Pad

Another bargain that we discovered in the reduced section of WHSmith was this to-do list pad that basically prioritises your tasks. It's not the easiest on the eyes but it is really handy. Since it was only 50p, Matt and I bought one each - he uses his for work and I use mine for blogging.

This pad was a game changer for me while I rebranded my blog last month because my to-do list was an absolute monster. Being able to physically see what needed to be done in order of importance really helped me to get things done without feeling overwhelmed.

To-do list pad from WHSmith

If haul posts are your jam, you definitely want to check out my recent Disney haul and make sure you keep an eye out for another haul post over the next week or so.

What's your essential stationery item? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Loved this! I am a stationery addict, myself. I can't live without my planner, journals, pens, note pads, etc etc etc. Gosh, I really want to try out the stabilo pastel highlighters.

    Much love always,
    GABBY |