Monday, 1 July 2019

We Bought a Pirate Ship!

Every pay day, we each get a little something that we want. For Matt, it was a Raspberry Pi. For me, a pair of maternity skinny jeans. (I'm not pregnant but maternity clothing is the most comfortable for handling those endometriosis flare ups!) Oh, and we bought Mini a pirate ship.

Inflatable pirate ship with toddler

Now I'm not talking about some massive ship that's docked somewhere. I'm talking about a massive inflatable one from Argos that doubles as both a paddling pool and a ball pit.

Since we don't have a garden and aren't completely nuts, we obviously use it for the latter.

So being the super cool parents that we are, we waited until Mini's nap time and then stealthily blew it up, filled it with all of the ball pit balls we'd been hiding in the loft (because ball pits create eternal mess) and left it smack bang in the middle of our living room.

And then we waited.

Mini is the cute kid who usually likes to have a few minutes of snuggles before he springs back into action after his nap. But this time, he clocked the bright red plastic monstrosity within seconds of his eyes fluttering open.

Inflatable pirate ship ball pit

At the ripe age of one and a half, Mini obviously doesn't know what pirates are. But he is a very curious soul and loves exploring new things.

He spent days steering the boat and attacking us with the inflatable swords so I guess you could say that the pirate ship was a big hit.

Mini in his inflatable pirate ship

Since we're not just parents but also humans, we did get fed up of having a gigantic inflatable boat setting sail in the middle of our living room. The damn thing was constantly in our way. So it's going to spend some time chilling in the loft but we'll drag it out regularly for Mini to play in.

What crazy things have you bought for your kids that were both brilliant yet regrettable? Let me know in the comments below.

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