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Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 Review

You might recall that the three of us spent the last bank holiday weekend in London visiting our families. As Heathrow is roughly halfway between Matt's family and my own, it made sense for us to base ourselves there and so we opted to stay at the Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 which is essentially part of the airport itself.

I'd hoped to do a little video to accompany this post because I love room tour videos but it turns out it's not that easy to do with a toddler in tow. So today I'll be sharing our experience of staying at the Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 with you.

Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

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Room 506

The room we were assigned was room 506 which was conveniently located directly through the door that connects the bedrooms to the central lift hub. The convenience of being so close to the lifts was short-lived due to the heavy foot traffic and loud conversations that took place outside our room at all hours of night.

In terms of the room itself, it was exactly what you'd expect from the popular UK hotel chain; a clean and spacious room with all the features that make a hotel feel like a home away from home. As we were staying in a family room, our room contained both a king-size bed as well a sofa which had been made up into an additional bed.

King bed at Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4
The king bed!
Sofa bed at Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4
The sofa bed!

From a small family perspective, I would say it was ideal. There was so much space in the room for luggage that we had Mini's pushchair up the entire time and could have easily used a travel cot without feeling cramped.

The hotel room came with the usual amenities; a desk, wardrobe with drawer and mirror, kettle with tea and coffee, hairdryer, a TV and of course, a Bible.

Kettle at Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4
Fancy a cuppa?

One thing that we were a little bit disappointed about was that not all rooms are equipped with the same features. Now we wouldn't have even noticed but Matt actually stayed in this hotel a week earlier before catching a flight out to Germany. The room he was in on that occasion had a fridge which ours, unfortunately, did not. It wasn't a massive issue but it would have saved us paying about £2 for a cup of milk whenever Mini needed a bottle. If having a fridge is an important consideration for you then I would contact the hotel ahead of your stay to discuss your needs.

Something else that you might be interested to know is that there was no in-room safe. We weren't travelling with anything of value but it's worth noting if you're considering staying here while you visit London for a few days.

The bathroom was bright and clean and came equipped with all the necessities; a bath with overhead shower, towels and toiletries. The hair and body gel had a lovely scent to it which I believe may have been tea tree but I can't say with 100% certainty.

Bath tub at Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4
Bath with overhead shower (not shown)

    Quality of Sleep

    The one thing everyone wants to know: was the bed comfortable to sleep on?

    In my opinion, it was comfortable to sit on and watch TV but wasn't great for sleeping on. It's very firm and I am quite lumpy so I struggled to find a position where I was comfortable which resulted in poor sleep quality and back pains that lasted several days.

    On the other hand, the boys loved it. Matt found the mattress super comfy and they were both pretty much knockout all night long with the exception of the moments when other guests would make a lot of noise in the hallway and wake us all up.

    I didn't get a chance to test out the sofa bed but Matt says that it was softer than the king so I'll be sleeping on that next time we stay at a Premier Inn.

    Hotel Facilities

    Back on the second floor with reception, you will find both a Thyme restaurant which serves meals and a small Costa for all your caffeinated needs.

    Macaroni cheese and strawberry iced lemonade from Costa at Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 4
    I had the macaroni cheese & strawberry iced lemonade from Costa - yummy!

    There are several vending machines in the lobby area including an Amazon Locker which is perfect to send any last minute travel essentials that won't have time to get to your home before you leave.

    The Pros of Premier Inn
    London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4


    As a London airport hotel, the location was centrally accessible by public transport which was a huge factor for us when booking. In addition to this, the Premier Inn Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 is connected to the airport by a covered walkway. It's a short 5-10 minute walk to and from the terminal which is great.

    Covered walkway from Heathrow Terminal 4 to hotels
    It's not as long as it looks!

    Ease of Check-In and Check-Out

    The online check-in prior to our arrival was quick and simple. All you need to do is type in a few details and then decide whether or not you want to add on breakfast which we did not on this occasion. This was a huge benefit for me as I have a tendency to stress about hotels being overbooked so an online check-in reassured me that there would be a room available for us.

    We actually ended up arriving to the Premier Inn at 1pm which is an hour before check-in officially opens. Even though we anticipated needing to wait for our room, the staff were fantastic and had us checked in to an available family room within ten minutes or so.

    Check-out was literally a member of staff stood by the exit who takes your room key as you're leaving. It's that easy and takes no time at all!

    Value For Money

    Even though we were staying during a very busy bank holiday weekend, the room only cost us £52 which I think is incredible value for money. All of the other nearby hotels that had availability for those dates were asking for at least £20 more for a one night stay.

    Vending Machines

    Ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with vending machines. During a stay in New York, I even frequently ate vending machine breakfasts consisting of Cheetos and Powerade - super healthy!

    Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 was literally a wonderland to me. Not only did they have the usual suspects (snacks and soft drinks), they also had one filled with Ben & Jerry's and another containing toiletries, souvenirs and all the travel essentials that you might have forgotten to bring with you. I was in awe. They even had an Amazon locker - how cool is that?!


    Every member of staff we encountered during our stay was professional, welcoming and friendly.

    The Cons of Premier Inn
    London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

    Hot Walkway

    Okay this isn't anyone's fault but it's still worth highlighting as a con. When we stayed we were experiencing a bit of a heatwave which meant that the covered walkway between the terminal and the hotel felt like a greenhouse - but then again so did the rest of the airport.

    Child Safety

    Again, this isn't so much a con as it is a reflection on our unpreparedness but hey it was our first ever hotel stay with a toddler so it was always going to be a learning curve!

    If you're planning on staying at the Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 with babies or toddlers, then please take note of the following issues we encountered:

    • You know how sometimes you see the words blackout curtains and think "yeah, right"? This is not one of those times. These curtains are so effective that your entire room is plunged into darkness. I'd recommend bringing a night light if you have little ones or even just poor eyesight.
    • Plug sockets are low down which makes them very accessible to little fingers. We didn't think to bring any safety plugs with us but we will in the future just to minimise risk.
    • The wardrobe has a drawer that smoothly pulls out and then slams shut. Being the curious little explorer he is, Mini was instantly obsessed with it which resulted in trapped fingers.

    Would We Stay Here Again?

    Yes, absolutely.

    Even though my sleep wasn't perfect, we'd both definitely consider staying at this hotel again.

    Between the incredible value for money and its central location, there's just so much to love. It's a great budget option for families travelling through London Heathrow.

    However... if you're considering the Premier Inn London Heathrow Terminal 4 as a hub to stay in for several days while you take in all of the wonderful things that London has to offer then I would recommend against it especially if you have small children. The location is obviously fantastic and there are great transport links available but the airport setting can be quite stressful and is it really worth it when you can find similarly accessible hotels without the added stress of having to deal with masses of people who are in holiday-mode? I don't think so.

    I hope you've enjoyed this review of our recent stay at the Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4.

    If you were spending a weekend in London, where would be your dream place to stay? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. Great post! My dream place to stay in London would have the be the Savoy... so dreamy!! x

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