Monday, 8 July 2019

Disney Bargain Hunting in Poole

Since Matt was lucky enough to have some annual leave booked this Monday, we decided to take full advantage and planned a little shopping day in Poole. It was a fairly hot day, to the point that we found it unbearable, but there's just something special about a coastal breeze in the sunshine so... we can't complain really. Here's what we got up to...

Mini on ride in shopping centre

The day actually began with a trip to our doctors surgery as I wanted to get the painkillers that I'd been prescribed by my gynaecologist put onto my repeat prescription list but also to discuss my dizzy spells. It sounds like it might be an inner ear infection so I've been prescribed something to take the edge off. As soon as we were done, we hopped onto a bus to Poole.

By now it was already lunchtime and rapidly approaching Mini's nap-time so we made the quick decision to grab a quick lunch in KFC. I know it's not the healthiest option in the world but it's quick, cheap and convenient which is exactly what we needed at the time. Normally we'd put Mini in a highchair when we're dining out but since it was quiet, I decided to let him sit on the bench at the table so he could sit by the window and watch the cars and buses drive past. He absolutely loved it and was so well behaved.

Our first port of call was Aldi. It felt like a bit of a quest because I'd seen online that Aldi were clearing out their kids Mickey and Minnie ears so they'd been reduced to a whooping 79p. Given the price of ears in the parks, it was a bargain that I couldn't ignore so we headed over there first but alas, we found no ears in our store.

Our next stop was to Sainsburys where we would collect our brand new super cheap kettle from the Argos kiosk. While Matt and Mini went to do that, I decided to have a quick browse of the clothing and toy sections to discover their Disney bargains. In the kids clothing section, they've got an incredible selection of ears and headbands as well as a wide range of costumes so it's worth taking a look in your local Sainsburys if you're heading to Disney any time soon!

P.S. If you're toying with the idea of visiting Walt Disney World in 2020, check out my post about the free Disney dining offer that's currently available!

sequinned kids Minnie ears from Sainsburys
Sequinned Minnie ears in Sainsburys!

Finally we ventured over to Asda which is a Disney bargain hunter's dream! Not only does it cover all your home and food essentials but it's a treasure trove of Disney items. Want a Toy Story bed set? Got it. Want a Toy Story mug? Got it. Want a Toy Story inflatable ball pit? Got it. What about a bubble wand or lunch box? Yep, got those too. Honestly, the options are endless.

Unfortunately I was on a spending ban having placed three separate George orders since payday which is why we needed to go to Asda in the first place. But in my defence, their Disney clothing ranges for kids and adults are out of this world and well worth the money.

Mini in a Pluto t-shirt
Mini modelling one of his new Asda t-shirts!

Matt and Mini in matching Toy Story tshirts
Matt and Mini wearing their matching tees from Asda!

As I was on my best behaviour, we only bought one Disney item and that was a little Toy Story snack pot which cost £1.50. I thought it would be perfect for carrying around some snacks for Mini while we're in Disneyland Paris.

Once we'd sorted out all of our food shopping and order collection needs, we jumped onto the Asda free bus which is a bus that costs no money and essentially ferries people back and forth between Asda and Poole bus station. I can't tell you how many times we haven't gotten that bus under the assumption that you have to pay for it but it turns out that it's completely free. You really do learn something new every day.

Our bus home was ready for us when we arrived back to Poole bus station so we jumped straight onto that and made our way back to our humble abode where we spent the rest of the day relaxing, cleaning and doing way too many loads of laundry.

Are you a bit of a Disney bargain hunter yourself? If so, make sure you check out my recent Disney haul to see what fab finds I picked up from the Disney Store and Primark!

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