Friday, 19 July 2019

Meeting Elsa and Olaf in Branksome?!

It's been such a busy week filled with emoji cupcakes and teddy bear picnics that I haven't had a chance yet to share last weekend's mini adventure with you all! Carry on reading to find out how a short walk to the post office wound up being a mini adventure to see Mini's favourite Disney princess, Elsa!

Mini in his LittleLife carrier

Since it was a decent day out weather-wise, we decided to crack out our trusty LittleLife Traveller S4 and leave our pushchair at home. After all, we were only venturing to the post office and back. It was a short twenty minute excursion that wound up being a two hour long expedition in Branksome.

Somewhere along the way we made the decision to venture further afield towards the nearby Waitrose which is where we discovered that across the road, the church and preschool were hosting a summer fair to celebrate its anniversary and it was literally just about to begin. Like a magpie to a freebie, I clocked that the sign said there would be free goodie bags and insisted that we check it out.

So we stopped off in Waitrose, grabbed some yummy chocolates (which I have now realised have been AWOL since we bought them) and then we headed over to the fair to see what was going on.

As it turns out, we were just in time for the grand opening complete with a marching band playing a delightful (but very loud) medley of Disney and pop songs. To the right of where we were standing, some costume characters were starting to appear... including Elsa and Olaf!

Mini smiling

The fair contained the usual suspects; facepainting, local craft sellers and some food vendors but nothing that massively appealed to us so we didn't stick around for all that long.

In case you're dying to know, the goodie bags contained a bookmark, some leaflets about the church and preschool, a little colouring book and crayons, a balloon, a badge and a lollipop. A treasure trove for little ones!

As we walked home, we stopped off in one of our favourite charity shops and came across a full box of Stickle Bricks for £1.50 so we snapped that incredible deal up before grabbing some lunch from Greggs.

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