Monday, 3 June 2019

A Day of Fun in Bournemouth

After last weekend's fun but exhausting trip to London, we had a quiet week but made sure that we planned to have some fun on Saturday! Our plan was initially to hit the beach after Matt's eye test and then grab some McDonald's for lunch but we wound up having a more indulgent morning out instead!

Bournemouth gardens

So it goes without saying that the main reason for our mini adventure was because Matt had an appointment at Specsavers. It was long overdue, so long in fact that I'd been nagging him about it since April 2017. Two years of nagging just to get the man some glasses which he desperately needed.

On our way up to Specsavers, we ran into the Paperchase area in House of Fraser to pick up these pastel highlighters that I needed.

pastel cat highlighters

While Matt was finally having his eyes tested, Mini and I went off on a little shopping spree. First of all, we ventured into TK Maxx which is, without a doubt, one of my all time favourite shops. Since I was in the market for some wedding shoes, we made our way over to the shoe section and I couldn't resist these beautiful and comfortable white sequinned flats! These were only £8 in the clearance!

White sequinned flat shoes

But obviously you can't go into TK Maxx and only visit one section so we browsed around the stationery and toy sections for a bit. In the end we left with the shoes, a hooded Mickey Mouse blanket which will be perfect for our Disneyland Paris trip and a pair of Hey Duggee sunglasses. We'd also fallen in love with a Hey Duggee backpack that I'm pretty sure Matt will be going back to pick up if it's still available.

As we still had a lot of time to kill, we ventured into Wilko where I picked up some goodies for Matt for Father's Day, even more pastel highlighters, some Cheetos for Mini and some sweets for myself. Then we headed next door to grab some nappies from Lidl.

If I have just one Bournemouth tip to share with you all, it's this: do not go into that Lidl store on a Saturday morning. I'm dead serious.

It's one of those stores with self-checkout counters which is brilliant and I think that all Lidl stores should offer that service but they never seem to use their actual tills. In all of the times I've been in there, not once has there been a person on a till. Normally it's not too bad but today it felt like everyone and their mum was out doing their weekly shops, trolleys filled to the brim and having to use the self-checkout. It was manic and there was a lot of bickering from customers in line but mostly old ladies who abandoned their shopping trolleys in rage.

Since we only had two packs of nappies to scan and pay for, it wasn't too bad for us and we were out within ten minutes or so. We then made our way back to Specsavers to wait for Matt and when he rejoined us, we headed off on our next adventure: an adventure of taste!

You see, while Matt was away in Italy, I watched Tim Tracker's Acoustic Brunch video and I became obsessed with cannolis. This obsession led to me making Matt try one at his dinner buffet which in turn led to him telling me that I needed to try one and so we found a café in Bournemouth that sold Italian desserts - including the legendary cannoli.

Since it was such a hot day, we decided to first indulge in some delicious gelato! Matt chose chocolate and I struggled to choose between the strawberry yogurt and strawberry sorbet flavours so decided to have both.

Italian gelato

As for our cannolis, we each selected one to bring home and eat later. I chose a hazelnut cannoli which was honestly out of this world. I have zero regrets. Matt had a lemon cannoli which he describes as being "like heaven".

Hazelnut cannoli

Instead of the McDonald's lunch we'd planned, we decided to level up our burgers and stopped by Five Guys. I went for a "little cheeseburger" which is a very deceptive name for it since it makes you think it's going to be little when actually it's very filling. Matt went for a cheeseburger which was massive. It was very quiet in the restaurant so it would have been nice to sit down and eat but as it was so close to nap-time, we took our food to go.

Five Guys Bournemouth BH2
Five Guys, Bournemouth

Five Guys Little Cheeseburger
My tasty "Little" Cheeseburger

Mini fell asleep on the bus journey home and miraculously stayed asleep as we moved him. That's the dream, right? So we ended up enjoying our burgers and fries sat on our bedroom floor watching Jane the Virgin.

Sadly the nap didn't last as long as it normally would and so the rest of the day felt longer and busier than normal even though it was just spent chilling at home. I did find the time to have a quick cuddle with our gorgeous guinea pig, Luna, though which was really nice.

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