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The Disney Tag

If it's somehow managed to escape your attention this long, that's right: I love Disney! From the movies to the music to the theme parks around the world, I love it all. So since I'm still fairly new to the Disney and blogging communities, I thought it would be cool to take part in a Disney tag and share mine and my family's love for all things Disney!

Magic Kingdom fireworks
 Park Troopers | Unsplash

I chose to base this on a tag shared by The Purple Pumpkin as it was given a blanket tag for anyone who wanted to take part.

I had planned to answer each of these questions from the perspectives of myself, Matt and Mini but it's very difficult to interview a non-verbal toddler and Matt was too busy eating a cheese sandwich to give quality responses - maybe next time!

1. Favourite Disney Film

Okay so unpopular opinion right here: my favourite Disney movie is The Emperor's New Groove.
Matt really loves PIXAR so it won't come as a surprise to anyone that his favourite is Toy Story.

On the other hand, Mini's favourite is Moana. We've been watching it at least once a week now since he was only a few months old and became obsessed with it. We know the way...to make our toddler smile!


2. Favourite Disney Character

You can probably guess from my previous answer but my favourite Disney character is none other than Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove.


Again, not really a surprise but Matt likes Buzz Lightyear especially when he's stuck in Spanish mode in Toy Story 3.



3. Favourite Disney Princess

This is actually a really difficult question to answer because let's be real here - they are all awesome in their own ways.

I'm going to go with Belle largely because she was my favourite character as a child and she's still pretty awesome today.

Mini loves Elsa. He has the cutest, sweetest little crush on her. It is absolutely adorable.




4. Favourite Disney Sidekick

Surely the best answer for this one is Timon and Pumbaa. They are both equally awesome sidekicks.



5. Favourite Disney Song

There are so many wonderfully perfect Disney songs that you'd think I might need to take some time to mull this one over but actually I know exactly what my favourite Disney song is - Once Upon a Time in New York City from Oliver & Company.

"Keep your dream alive, dreaming is still how the strong survive..."

Matt's favourite is You've Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story. Did you expect anything else at this point?



6. Which Disney Character Would Be Your Best Friend?

I think that Rex from Toy Story would be a great best friend choice for me because we're on the same page, metaphorically speaking. We're both anxious and introverted and prone to a little panic every now and again.



7. Who Would Be Your Disney Pet?

It's going to have to be the one, the only Perry the Platypus - or should I say Agent P?




8. Have You Ever Been to Disneyland?

I have never been to Disneyland. Would I like to one day venture to California? You bet! Visiting the original Disney park would be a dream come true for me. Even though I haven't been to Disneyland, I have visited Disneyland Paris three or four times and have been to Walt Disney World twice so far.

Neither Matt or Mini have been to any Disney parks yet but we've got a trip to Disneyland Paris in our very near future so that's exciting!

9. Who is Your Disney Alter Ego?

Okay so who had to Google what an alter ego actually is before answering this question? This girl! (It wasn't what I thought so it was a good thing I did check really.) I've chosen Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus because her "calm" and my "calm" are probably on par with each other.


10. Favourite Disney Villain

To be completely honest, the Disney villains are all so scary that I don't generally like to think about them.

So I'm going to go with Dr. Doofenshmirtz because he's not very good at actually being evil.


If you're sat there saying "that's not a real choice, you have to choose again" then I'll go with the Sanderson sisters because they are as hilarious as they are terrifying.


11. Do You Collect Anything Disney-wise?

Yes! There are a few Disney things that we collect.

Perry the Platypus

Okay so this is a little bit compulsive because if I see a Perry plush, I have to have it. It will be in my basket without even thinking about it. Luckily I believe they've stopped making new merchandise lines for the Phineas and Ferb IP so that should help curb my addiction.

light up Christmas Perry the platypus as Agent P
You'll always have a very Perry Christmas with this plush!

But it doesn't stop there! I have this one motto that there's always room for another Perry in our home so imagine this...

One afternoon, I was walking home from work when I spotted something small and teal lying on the floor in the car park outside the garden shop near to our home. I didn't even slow down because I knew instinctively what I was looking at from a few metres away. It was a Perry. 

It was one of those little collectable plastic Tsum Tsums and it had been run over at least once. His eyes were gone and he was absolutely covered in dirt but he was still a Perry and he deserved a happy home. So a heavily pregnant version of me, bends down to scoop his tattered lifeless body off the ground and I take him home, leave him to soak in some hot soapy water with plans to replace his eyes for stick-on googly ones. 

Damaged Perry the platypus tsum tsum
Poor little guy!

Clearly I never got around to repairing Perry's sight but he does still live with us, two years after his rescue.

Tsums Tsums

I'm absolutely gutted that the Tsum Tsum range was discontinued because I loved collecting the plushes. We have about eighty minis, one medium talking Goofy and of course, a large Perry plush.

Disney tsum tsum stack
A few of our Tsum Tsums!

The only positive outcome of the Tsum Tsums being discontinued is that our collection expands whenever I come across heavily reduced ones.


Okay so I'm still a newbie when it comes to the wonderful world of Disney pin trading.

My obsession with pins started when my friend Ashleigh led me over to a pin stall at Comic Con a few years back. There were dozens of huge cases filled with every type of pin imaginable but I was  only interested in the Jonas Brothers pins at the time. I bought three.

Since then, I have only bought a couple of genuine pins - one or two Phineas and Ferb ones, a Kronk from Walt Disney World and recently my Pain and Panic pins from the Disney Store. I have also expanded my collection to include some beautiful fantasy pins.

Pain and Panic from Hercules pin badges
My two newest official Disney pins

Now I will add that there were more pins and you can probably already guess where this is going.

Naive twenty-something me was thrilled that you could buy 25 pins for £15 on eBay. I did this three times. It never occurred to me that they might not be genuine. So now, almost thirty me knows all about scrappers but also - when something feels like it's too good to be true, it usually is.

The scrappers are now used as wall art which we can't actually hang for two reasons:
  1. We live in a rented flat with a 'do not put any nails in the wall' clause in our contract
  2. We have a toddler and pins are the polar opposite of "baby-proof"


As you can probably expect, we do own several travel guides. We've got titles for Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris and the Disney Cruise Line and this collection will only grow over time as we expand our horizons to include Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

I also own a small collection of Disney books that are more business or creative focused for example books on Imagineering.

We've been collecting Disney books for Mini since before he was born and believe me when I say that his collection is extensive. He's got old school Wonderful World of Reading titles, most of the Wonderful World of Knowledge series, treasuries, board books, picture books... The kid even has two mint condition issues of the Magic Kingdom comic that was released a few years back but he won't be seeing those until he's a fair few years older and can appreciate them.


There's just something magical about having subtle Disney touches in your home, am I right?

We've got many, many Disney mugs. For mine and Matt's first Christmas together, I ordered matching Mickey and Minnie cookie holder mugs which are honestly too shallow for a decent hot drink but are super cute!

Minnie Mouse Christmas mug with cookie holder
The back of my Minnie Christmas mug
Look closely enough in our kitchen and you might find things like Mickey bag clips, Mickey ice cube trays, the Chef Mickey recipe book, a Minnie apron, half a dozen Mickey straws and so on.

When Christmas comes around, the Disney festive homewares come out. We're not just talking the odd decoration to stick on the tree. We've each got our own personalised Mickey (or Minnie in my case) stocking and we also have these incredible oven mitts that I found on sale at the Character Warehouse during my last trip to Disney World.


12. What Disney Film Would You Star In If You Could?

I want to say Enchanted because how awesome would that be? It was such a fun film with a heartwarming storyline about how magic does exist in our world.



13. How Old Were You When You Watched Your First Disney Film?

I mean I can't say with 100% certainty but I strongly suspect that I was around the 1 year mark if not younger. We introduced Mini to his first Disney movies (Moana and Finding Dory) when he was 3 months old. 



14. What Do You Love About Disney?

I don't think there is anything specifically that I don't love about Disney but one thing in particular that I love about the brand is that there are these magical kingdoms around the globe where you and I can go and actually live the magic




15. Favourite Disney Couple

I thought long and hard over this one before deciding on Giselle and Robert from Enchanted. It wasn't your typical love at first sight storyline but it was a very moving, very real love story that grew organically over time. (P.S. This movie makes me cry every single time.)

So there you have it, 15 incredible Disney questions all answered by yours truly!

If you also love Disney and decide to give this a go for yourself, I would love to see what answers you came up with so please share your blog or vlog link in the comments section below for me to check out!

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