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5 Things We're Celebrating at Disneyland Paris!

2019 is a very exciting year for our family and we're ending the year on a high note with a special trip to the magical Disneyland Paris! If you've ever been to one of the Disney parks around the world, you'll know just how much they love a good celebration. This is perfect for us because we have a lot to celebrate on our upcoming trip. In fact, we have five things to celebrate!

With further ado, here are the five things we will be celebrating during our family's most memorable Disney holiday ever.

Disneyland Paris


#1. First Holiday as a Couple 

In the almost four years of our relationship, Matt and I have yet to go on holiday together. Of course, we've gone on the odd "short break" to visit family during this time but we've never had a real holiday.

At this point, we're both in desperate need of a break from reality and a little bit of fun!

Coincidentally, we are going to be in Disneyland Paris for the anniversary of our very first date. Does that count as a sixth celebration? 

Christmas decorations on Main Street at Disneyland Paris
Christmas decorations at Disneyland Paris (November 2015)

#2. First Holiday as a Family

Okay, so this one is fairly obvious. Since we've never been on holiday as a couple, we've also never been on holiday as a family.

Even though I've been on Disney trips in the past when my siblings were toddlers, taking my own toddler into a park is new territory for me. There's a lot more to consider than on my most recent (adults only) trips but I am really looking forward to all of the magical memories we're going to be making.


#3. Honeymoon

It's true! Matt and I are tying the knot in October, just a few weeks before we set off on our grand adventure to Disneyland Paris.

Now I know that honeymooning at Disney isn't everyone's cup of tea.

In fact, I've seen women be publicly shamed in Facebook groups for brides to be simply because they have decided to have a fun-filled honeymoon instead of a luxury retreat. But do you know what? For every one person who decides to be negative, there are at least three people who chime in with "I'm doing a Disney honeymoon too!"

I don't think I would have ever chosen anywhere other than a Disney destination for my honeymoon so I'm very lucky that Matt is a Disney fan too.




#4. Mini's 2nd Birthday

To be honest with you, we had planned out this trip months before we'd even booked our wedding.

The plan was always to visit Disneyland Paris for Mini's second birthday and so that was what we originally booked. We would travel on his birthday and have five days of birthday fun. 

Unfortunately we massively underestimated how much the Eurostar would cost us and ended up needing to switch our dates for slightly cheaper ones which means that we will no longer be in Disney for his birthday. But... we're still going to celebrate his birthday anyway!

Mini is so little still that he doesn't understand dates or birthdays yet so I'm sure he won't mind celebrating early - especially since I'm hoping to be able to take him to see Frozen 2 on his big day. (Did I mention that he loves Elsa?)

Elsa during the parade (November 2015)
Even though Disneyland Paris offer celebration packages such as cakes and in-room decorations, we have decided to go down the cheaper DIY route instead. We'll enjoy daily baked goods from the bakery on Main Street and decorate the hotel room ourselves with a little banner and a Mickey balloon.



#5. Matt & Mini's First Disney Trips

Okay so this is possibly my favourite thing to celebrate because it means I finally get to share my happy place with the two people who make me the happiest!

This is the first time that Matt and Mini will be visiting the mouse and I'm beyond excited to introduce them to the magic!

Close up of Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland Paris
Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, illuminated at night (November 2015)

As I try to plan out our days, I find myself lost in wonder. What will make their eyes light up with joy? What rides will they love so much that they want to ride over and over again? Will they love it as much as I do? I'm really looking forward to finding out the answers to these questions!

I absolutely love that our first family holiday is one filled with so many reasons to celebrate as these are the moments that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

You can probably tell but I am super excited and counting down the days!

Do you have any top tips for celebrating at Disneyland Paris? If so, I'd love to hear them so please share them in the comments below!

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