Tuesday, 28 May 2019

We Survived 2 Weeks Without Matt!

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be talking about how Mini and I have survived the last two weeks (ish) while Matt has been working overseas.

Mini smiling

It’s not uncommon for Matt to have to go and work away for a night or two because that’s part of the nature of his job but it is the first time that he’s had to work internationally. Normally he would still be able to be home within a few hours in the event of an emergency but being in a different country, this just wouldn’t be possible.

So as expected, my anxiety was sky high in the days and weeks running up to his departure. A big part of this is that there are some days where my chronic illness makes it difficult for me to look after myself and being alone with a toddler for several days means pushing yourself beyond your limit… but we somehow managed it!

Week 1

So this week has been both unusual and yet very much “usual”. It felt pretty much the same as any other week with Mini where we’re at home doing all the things we would normally do but of course the difference was that at night-time, Matt still wasn’t there.

Collage of Mini and me

One of the main things that we do when Matt’s away is video chat at least once a day but usually twice. It was so cute seeing Mini’s little face light up like a Christmas tree whenever he saw Matt’s face on the phone screen. He’d grab it and run off, still beaming at it. Matt has said that it’s hilarious to watch because all you can see is a giant blur of a toddler running around with a massive grin on his face.

We both really enjoyed the one-on-one time this week. There were loads of snuggles and kisses. We’d giggle about really silly things. It’s also a lot easier to bedshare when there isn’t a third body in the bed making things super cosy.

Matt arrived back in the early hours of Friday morning so he was home before Mini woke up which was lovely and we got to enjoy a super low-key weekend together before he headed to Italy.

Week 2

Okay so separation anxiety sucks.

I can only assume that this is a result of Matt being away and then home again for a few days and then gone again but this week was really hard and sucky.

The first night was a complete mess and I struggled to cope with the meltdown that Mini threw at me for three whole hours.

I was trying everything that I could think of to soothe him but nothing was working. I couldn’t even video call Matt because at the time, he was mid-flight. By 9pm, I was sobbing and wondering how I’d survive until Friday but luckily Mini fell asleep around half 10 and I quickly followed suit, mentally exhausted.

There were a lot of cuddles the next day so I think we both felt equally guilty about how emotionally charged Monday night had been. Thankfully the days that followed were relatively stress-free and we spent them chilling and snuggling.

Collage of Mini and me

It’s no surprise that Mini has been attached to Matt like Velcro since he got home. With no more trips away currently scheduled, hopefully we can start to settle back into a routine.

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