Monday, 20 May 2019

Matt Goes To Heide Park, Germany!

As part of Matt's job, he sometimes needs to work away from home to conduct site visits of tourist attractions. These are usually UK-based but this week he's been off gallivanting in Germany and I'm going to share what he got up to!

Abenteuerhotel in Heide Park, Germany

On Monday afternoon, he left our home and made his way over to Heathrow where he spent the night at the Premier Inn at Terminal 4. This was pretty much essential as there was no way to get from Bournemouth all the way to Heathrow in time for his flight without having to travel throughout the night. Since he was close to family, he visited his aunt who has recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

The next morning, he took a flight over to Hanover where he was met by a driver who would take him to Heide Park. Matt was lucky enough to stay at the Abenteuerhotel on-site in one of their pirate rooms which was impressively themed. One of the highlights of the hotel is the giant Toothless figure on the roof!

Toothless dragon on Heide Park's Abenteuerhotel

Matt says that the park itself was lovely and different to anything he'd ever experienced in a UK theme park. This was largely down to the cohesive theming and the fact that the park felt spacious rather than cramped.

Collage of photos from Heide Park in Germany

Another thing that Matt was especially keen on and hasn't stopped talking about since is the food. He enjoyed buffets for both breakfast and dinner in the hotel surrounded by Pirates. He raves about the dessert options available at dinner including, but not limited to, a sweet buffet and a DIY ice cream bar. For breakfast, he was especially thrilled to find milkshake powders which are a staple in our home.

What Matt ate in Heide Park, Germany

Now Matt wasn't looking forward to this trip (or the next one!) due to his fear of flying. These flights were the first he's been on in years and he felt a lot of anxiety going in. On his outgoing flight, he found himself having a panic attack for most, if not all, of the journey which was largely brought on by the flight being delayed but he found the home-bound flight was relatively stress-free since he was sat closer to the front of the plane.

What did Mini and I get up to while Matt was away? Well, you can read all about that right here.

There's just something about seeing someone else's travel experiences that really makes you want to travel more, am I right? I feel like our trip to Disneyland Paris is still lightyears away and I've already spent years waiting for it to finally happen.

If you've enjoyed this post, make sure you check back in next week to find out about Matt's adventures in Italy!

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