Monday, 27 May 2019

Matt Goes To Gardaland, Italy!

If you caught last week's post, you'll already know that Matt recently got back from Germany but what you might not know is that a few days later he jetted off to Italy. So today I'm going to put my feet up and let Matt tell you all about his adventures in Italy...

Gardaland in Italy

It was a bit of a disaster start as I was supposed to be staying at an airport hotel the night before but just before arriving at Gatwick, I received a text to tell me that my flight the next morning had been cancelled.

I saw there was a flight departing for Verona in about 90 minutes so ran to the customer service desk and managed to bag the last seat. Thankfully right at the front of the plane which was much better for my flight anxiety.

With no idea of if I'd have transfers or somewhere to stay at the other end, I boarded the plane and off I went. Luckily, the colleague I was due to work with for the next few days was hard at work rescheduling my transfers and amending my hotel booking.

I arrived at the Gardaland Hotel around 11:30pm. Since they were expecting me, they were able to check me in quickly. The closed bar even cooked me a hot dog as I hadn't had a chance to eat.

Collage of photos from Gardaland

So far my first impressions of the hotel were amazing and very accommodating. For those who are worried about the language barrier, I didn't meet anyone who didn't speak English.

When I finally got up to my room, I was amazed. This was the biggest hotel room I'd ever stayed in. There was a sofa, a lovely king size bed, a huge bathroom and a balcony overlooking the park and trees. All this in a standard room!

Collage of photos from Gardaland and Peppa Pig

The following morning, I was picked up to head over to the Gardaland Park. After some work, we went on a walk around the park. It is massive and the the theming is unlike anything I've ever experienced before - remember I haven't visited a Disney Park yet! It took a good few hours to walk all the way around and even though it was 22 degrees, it wasn't too busy.

Peppa Pig Land looked great and would be perfect for our little one if we ever visited again as a family. They also do regular meet and greets at the hotel with Prezzemolo the Dragon (Gardaland's mascot).

The food on this trip wasn't as great as last week's as Italians seem to love their seafood which I'm not too keen on. But nonetheless there was always something incredible for me to eat and I tried way too many desserts!

Collage of food from Gardaland

On my last day, I ate at the Buffalo Ranch in the park and recommend the chicken wings and chips - they were huge!

The journey home was long - four hours on a coach from Gatwick after the flight. I'm really happy to be home!

View from plane window

So there you have it - Matt's account of his time spent working in Italy. I've got to admit that I was super jealous because visiting Italy is high on my bucket list and all that food looked so tasty. We even went out of our way to locate some yummy cannolis in Bournemouth once he was back home.

Don't forget that you can read all about how we survived without Matt right here.

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