Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Our Trip to Cambridgeshire

If you caught my last post you’ll know that we recently spent a few days in Cambridgeshire with family. But why did we go and what did we get up to while we were there? Read on to find out!

Mini in car to Cambridgeshire

Saturday 4th May

The main reason behind our trip was that we were attending my dad and step-mum’s vow renewal on Saturday. It was a really nice, laid-back church ceremony - Mini missed it because he fell asleep the second the organs started! 

There were a lot of family members there who hadn’t yet had a chance to meet Mini (or Matt!) so it was a lovely opportunity for everyone to become acquainted before our wedding later this year. 

All the travelling and stress from the previous day mixed in with all the socialising left us absolutely knackered and we ended up taking a nap upstairs for an hour and a half just to recharge. Since I find social events really draining, it was a huge relief for me to be able to take some time out. By the time we’d returned to the party, many of the guests had left which made it a lot easier to have conversations and it meant that Mini was able to run around and play without needing to barge people out of his way. Am I a bad mum for saying that I found it hilarious that he even did this in the first place?

Mini posing for photos
Casual photoshoot before the vow renewal!

Sunday 5th May

The following day was very much a lazy one after the intensity of Saturday’s events. We mostly just chilled and even though I was beyond exhausted, I was determined to stay up to watch the 90-minute series finale of Line of Duty.

You can find out what I thought about Line of Duty season 5 and the intense finale here.

Mini posing in his England kit
Another casual photoshoot but in his England kit this time!

Monday 6th May

On the Bank Holiday Monday, my dad and step-mum treated me to a little shopping spree in Cambridge for my 29th birthday. Usually I’d avoid shopping centres like the plague on a Bank Holiday because crowds are a huge trigger of stress and anxiety for me but I went with it and it was surprisingly stress-free.

One of the most exciting things about this shopping trip, if not the most exciting thing, was that there is a Disney Store in Cambridge. This was really awesome news for me as I haven't been into a store since we left London at the start of 2017! From then on, our nearest stores were more than a reasonable commute away so we had resigned to online orders which we placed maybe once or twice a year. So it probably goes without saying that this was Mini's first time in a Disney Store!

Us outside of Disney Store in Cambridge
I wanted a photo outside the Disney Store...

Even though the stores aren't as magically (and nostalgically) themed anymore, Mini seemed to enjoy seeing the characters he recognises. He especially loved their display of the princess soft dolls which he collects - he already has Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel. I think we'll be getting him a Moana at some point in the future since he has loved Moana since he was only three months old!

Mini in Disney Store
Mini enjoying the Disney Store!

We also visited the Primark store near the Grafton Centre. I have to admit that this was one of the best Primarks that I've been into as I didn't feel deprived of my personal space. It was maybe a bit too warm in store though and by the time we’d paid for my loot, the three of us were sweaty and dehydrated.

If you’re interested in seeing my wonderful selection of Disney themed goodies from this spree, make sure you check out my haul!

Tuesday 7th May

Tuesday was another relatively chilled day although we did pop out to Grafham Water in the evening with my dad and his canine companion, Paddy.

Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire
So peaceful!

There were some breathtaking scenes to take in as we watched the sunset in the distance and I got some of my favourite snaps of Mini while we were here. His gorgeous wild red hair contrasting against the luscious greenery.

Collage of photos of Mini from Grafham Water
Just a few of the photos I took of Mini at Grafham Water

Near the car park, there were a few play areas for kids which was great. There was also something that I can only describe as a giant inflatable trampoline-like thing. It was basically a trampoline built into the ground, if that makes sense? Matt spent a good five minutes or so bouncing around until the death stares of the teens who had naively abandoned the area finally encouraged him to stop.

The main park area was geared more towards older children rather than the little ones which was a bit of a shame but Mini had a great time playing on the toddler swings and the slide.

All in all, we had a great trip but we're looking forward to getting back to normal before the chaos of the rest of May starts to kick in. 

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