Sunday, 12 May 2019

Back to Life, Back to Reality?

Hey guys! You might have noticed that we recently went away for a couple of days to visit my family in Cambridgeshire. Don't panic if you've missed out because you can catch up on our travel day and trip at your own leisure. Today's post is all about returning to reality after being away for a few days!

Mini wearing Minnie ears

I'm going to start by talking about our journey home and the first night back...

So we departed Cambridgeshire at around 11am on Wednesday and since it's a fairly long journey, we spent a few hours on the road.

The journey home was equally long as the journey there but it felt a lot shorter due to travelling in the daytime rather than at night. It's a good three or four hours drive to Bournemouth from Cambridgeshire depending on traffic but Mini was really good. He spent most of the time watching his favourite movies on the iPad and then had a short nap when we were an hour away from home.

I spent the journey starting to plan out my Disney haul post and trying to stay awake. This was also a lot easier to do than it was travelling at night.

We finally arrived home around 2 o'clock to discover that our usually reliable postie had decided to stuff my Paradise Falls Mail box down by our door step the previous day... which had been very rainy! The plan had been to do a little unboxing video for my Instagram stories but alas the box was mush. Luckily all the contents were absolutely fine!

Since we'd been away for a few days, we desperately needed to pop out and pick up a few bits and bobs from the shop so we headed back out almost immediately for the essentials and something to make for dinner.

Our beautiful guinea pigs returned later that same day and I cannot tell you how happy I was to have our little fur babies back.

Since they'd all been treated to a grooming treatment during their stay, they all came home looking like prized piggies and they've all been featured on Castle Garth's Instagram!

They've been lounging about in the open pretty much non-stop since they came home so I suspect that like us, they were relieved to finally be back home and in their comfort zone. Luna even "popcorned" when I asked her if she missed me which was a really beautiful moment for me.

As for the rest of the week?

Well, it was pretty standard. Matt has been working from home and preparing for his upcoming work trips to Heide Park (Germany) and Gardaland (Italy). Mini has been playing with his toys and watching his favourite YouTube videos. I've been planning out new blog content and writing this one!

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