Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Pancake Day 2019

Hooray, it's finally Pancake Day! It felt really out of place in March because it kind of feels like it should always be in February but it's okay because the day is finally here. The three of us here at Thrice Upon a Dream love pancakes so we're very excited to be sharing not one but two of Matt's favourite pancake recipes!

Pancake day 2019

Matt will be doing the cooking and I'll handle the narrative and my fair share of the eating! Yum. I can't wait!

The American Pancake

To be honest, I've never been particularly keen on the American style of pancakes. Pancakes in my family were almost exclusively the crepe variety. But that's all in the past now because these pancakes are absolutely delicious!

To make these American pancakes, Matt used this recipe from the BBC Food website. It's a really simple recipe - all you'll need is plain flour, baking powder, salt, caster sugar, milk, eggs and butter. Here's one we prepared earlier:

Pancake ingredients
Our trusty pancake ingredients!

For my topping, I opted to spread a thin layer of Nutella between my pancakes and then topped the stack with whipped cream and sugar sprinkles. I know it's a lot of sugar but my goodness, the different flavours and textures just worked so well together that I can't imagine ever having a pancake any other way now. The crunch of the sprinkles against the softness of all the other elements was just divine.

Stack of American pancakes with Nutella, whipped cream and sprinkles
My Nutella pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles!

Matt decided to keep his quite simple, opting to have Nutella with whipped cream and topped with a light dusting of Nesquik powder. He claims the latter really helped to bring out the chocolatey flavour.

Mini's pancakes were left plain to keep sugar levels to a minimum.

stack of pancakes with whipped cream and nutella
Matt's Nutella pancakes with whipped cream

The Classic Pancake

Ah, this is the type of pancake that reminds me of pancake days past. My mum used to make these for us every year and I was always so excited for pancake day to roll around again.

This super easy recipe can be found on the BBC Good Food website. Ingredient-wise, you need flour, eggs, milk and either sunflower or vegetable oil. Easy peasy!

I honestly didn't enjoy these pancakes as much as their predecessors although I must admit that I still ate three of them. For toppings, I stuck with my previous selection because it was such a delicious combo.

This time Matt and Mini both had Nutella and whipped cream but Mini didn't eat any of it because he was far too busy playing with the whipped cream.

Crepe pancake with Nutella, whipped cream and sprinkles

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What are your favourite pancake toppings? Let us know in the comments below! We hope you enjoy your annual day of pancakes!

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