Monday, 11 March 2019

Hello Terrible Twos!

Since Mini turned one, we’ve seen an increase in the one thing that all parents dread: the tantrum. He has always been a feisty and temperamental child but this has just escalated as he’s gotten older. Now, at only fifteen months old, I fear that we’ve already entered the dreaded “terrible twos”.

Mini terrible twos

When I started writing this post, I was having the morning from hell. It was at this point that I realised that my lovely baby boy had turned into a hormonal little monster.

Board books have been ripped clean in half in what can only be described as a Hulk-like rage. Then there’s the melodramatic throwing himself backwards when something hasn’t gone his way for example crushing his snacks until they are inedible or him demolishing a stack of Mega Bloks and then immediately regretting it. Once you add in the stomping and screaming, the ability to mess up a room in two minutes flat and the food throwing, you can imagine why I’ve compared him to a monster but please understand that it does come from a place of love.

The reason I returned to this post today was because this afternoon, there was suddenly a brand new feature. It seemed that my boy, still recovering from an icky viral infection, had a software update and with it came the death stare.

I’m not even kidding when I say that when you upset my child, he makes sure you know it. His eyes burn through your soul and boy, do they linger?!

This afternoon, I had to take Mini away from a situation in which he was repeatedly hurting himself and I had no alternative way of controlling the situation. He was angry! I sent a video to Matt of him just glaring at me for 45 long seconds. Seriously. Luckily I found the whole thing to be humorous and couldn’t help but giggle at his serious little face until it finally softened into a smirk. 

I feel like toddlerhood is going to require me to adapt to a million and one new challenges so I better get ready to up my mum game! Definitely going to need a lot of coffee in my arsenal, that’s for sure.

If you’ve been in my shoes and have some wonderful survival tips that you’d be happy to share, please do so in the comments! I think I need all the advice I can get with this one haha. Every little helps and I’ll be eternally grateful!

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